Just Ballads

2016 Full Lenght CD (Compilation)
(Feline Melinda, Italy)

01  Woman Without Compromises
02  Sweet Lovin’
03  Love And Hate
04  Luna (My Love)
05  Lillian
06  Feline’s Awakening
07  Heart Of Stone
08  Angel Eyes (Piano Version)
09  When Love Begins
10  Alone (Instrumental)
11  Don’t Cry
12 Mary Magdalene (new Song)
Recorded at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland), Artifact (Trento/Italy), Skystudio (Munich/Germany), Face Music Studios (Reilingen/ (Germany), Lazise, Eppan, Kurtatsch and Laives (Italy), mixed and recorded the song Mary Magdalene at Artifact (Trento/Italy), mastered at Artifact (Trento/Italy). Exclusive, limited digipack-CD compilation for the 30th band anniversary. Production/distribution: Feline Melinda


Dance Of Fire And Rain

2014 Full Length CD

01  Everybody Here
02  Blue Diamond
03  Angel Eyes
04  Tears Of Sebastienne
05  Luna (My Love)
06  Dance Of Fire And Rain
07  Mountain Girl
08  Alone (Instrumental)
09  Girlfriend
10  Angel Eyes (Piano Version)
11  Dance Of Fire And Rain (Ext.V. Bonus Track)
Recorded at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland) and Artifact (Trento/Italy), Skystudio (Munich/Germany), mixed at Skystudio (Munich/Germany) and Artifact (Trento/Italy), mastered at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland), distributed international by 7Hard (Germany)


Morning Dew

2008 Full Length CD
(My Graveyard Productions/Italy)

01  Feline’s Awakening (Instrumental Intro)
02  Forever
03  Skydiver
04  Woman Without Compromises
05  If You Need Me
06  Free Your Mind
07  Dangerzone
08  Love And Hate
09  Turn Me On (Cat Women)
10  Morning Dew
11  Heart Of Stone
Recorded at Z.E.M. Studio (Bolzano/Italy), mixed at Skystudio (Munich/Germany), mastered at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki /Finland), distributed international by My Graveyard Productions (Italy)


Feline Melinda

2004 Full Length CD
(Rockwerk Records/Germany)

  01  Wesley’s Punch
02  Who’s On Your Side
03  Your Freedom
04  Sweet Lovin’
05  Easy Game
06  Don’t Cry
07  Three One Tree
08  Lillian
09  If You Need Me
10  When Love Begins
11  Living In Europe
12  Feline Melinda
13  Stop Loving You
Recorded and mixed in Bielefeld, Reilingen (Germany), Lazise, Eppan and Laives (Italy), mastered in
Eichenau/Munich (Germany), distributed in Germany by Rockwerk Records (Germany)


Living In Europe

1995 Maxi CD
(Face Music/Germany)

  01  Living in Europe
02  Don’t Cry
03  H.T.C. H.T.G.
04  Lillian
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Face Music Studios (Reilingen/ (Germany), published /distributed in Germany by Face Music, in Italy by Pixner Musikvertrieb (Bolzano)


The Felines Await You

1988 Full Length LP
(Discomagic Metalmaster/Italy)
2010 Full Length CD
Collector Edition, new remastered
(My Graveyard Productions/Italien)

  01  Feline Melinda
02  You’re A Witch
03  Easy Blood
04  The Felines Await You
05  Metal Ladies
06  If You Need Me
07  Feline Melinda Instrumental
Recorded at Estwood Music Studios (Spenge/Germany), published /distributed in Germany by E.M.S./Metal Voice, in Italy by Discomagic/Metal Master (Milano)




Hard Pack Vol. 1
Shut Up And Listen
(CD / Germany 2009)
Song: Skydiver

Rock Hard Magazin
Loud Sounds # 67
(CD / Italy 2009)
Song: Skydiver

 Hard Pack - 2009  Rock Hard - 2008


Backstage / South Tyrolean Bands
(CD / Italy 2006)
Song: Living In Europe Sampler
(MP 3 CD / Germany 2001)
Song: Living In Europe

 CD Cover Backstage Sampler. 2006 (Kopie)

 CD Cover Bandwettbewerb Songtext, 2002


X Act / Impulse 98
(CD / Austria 1998)
Song: Living In Europe

Rock Alternative Collection
(CD / Germany 1997)
Song: Don’t Cry

 X-Act - 1999  Rock Alternative Collection - 1997


TN Rock / Vol. 1
(CD / Italy 1996)
Song: Don’t Cry

Heart & Heavy – Vol. 1 / Take This Song! (CD / Germany 1989)
Songs: If You Need Me, You Are A Witch

 TN Rock - 1996  Take This Song - 1989


German Metal Fighters
(LP / Germany 1987)
Song: Feline Melinda

 German Metal Fighters - 1987  




The Screening – und Radio freier Fall
(DVD / Italy 2008)
Videoclip: Skydiver

Video One by Tendence
Stars Vol. 1
(VHS / Italy 1996)
Videoclip: Don’t Cry

  The Screening - 2008  Video Tendence Video One - 1996


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